My Friday Find

Technically I found it last Friday, ordered it Saturday, and it arrived last night. And I’m telling you about it today so the title Friday Find still applies. Glad we have that covered.

I’ve had my eye on the Ion Glass Round Side Table from West Elm for a few months, but the $199 price tag made me a wonder if it was woven from the hairs of a thousand unicorns.

It is gorgeous, though, isn’t it? I showed it to Steve, who was pretty sure that he could whip something up for less than West Elm was charging. I filed it away in my brain — that part that’s far enough out of the way to prevent clutter, but organized enough to access again — until we would have time to work on it.

I serendipitously happened to come across the website again when I was doing research for work last week (I have the best job, right?), and noticed it was on SALE. ON! SALE!

SHABAM! Look at that price:

$100 off. You really can’t beat that. ‘Twas meant to be.

Olive can hardly contain her excitement.

The lamp will probably get a makeover one of these days. I’m thinking a round drum shade and a rich, teal base. Because, why not? I’ve had it forever and the little guy could use a refresher.

So that’s the fairytale of how the too-expensive table came to be. And everyone lived happily ever after. The end.

We have our stained and polyurethaned kitchen shelves hanging, but I’m waiting for daylight to take some good pictures of the kitchen as a whole. Stay tuned.

I hope everyone enjoys Superbowl weekend! Just another quiet weekend in Indianapolis…



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