Hardware, Hardware, Hardware!

I suggest you read that in the voice of a Monster-Truck Announcer telling the crowd the event day: “Suunday, Suunday, Suuunday”!

We got our new cabinet hardware in the mail yesterday! It was like Christmas, mixed with my birthday, with a little bit of Festivus sprinkled in. I was doing that whole thing when you’re tracking a package online and you just keep hitting refresh button.

When I finally saw “DELIVERED” I actually said “Yessss” aloud. (My coworkers are used to my nonsense at this point. I’m lucky they still love me as much as they tell me they do.)

Aren’t they 100%, absolute perfection? They do it for me. I’m not really sure what “it” is, but they do it.

The cabinets look all grown up and mature now. But at the same it looks like years have been shaved off. I’m so relieved to no longer have those brass handles glaring back at me whenever I walk into the kitchen. Now it’s all “Heeey. How YOU doin?”

Ok you guys. I hate to do this. But I HAVE TO. For some reason I just get a really big kick out of the fact that Steve can not multitask. This is what happens when he tries to have a conversation while installing kitchen hardware:

Yes, I made him pose with his handy work. It’s refreshing to see a man that’s so perfect mess up every once in a blue moon. I know you’re probably grossed out but I do think he’s pretty much perfect. Or at least perfect for me, which is what really matters. His tushie isn’t too shabby, either. Ok. Moving on.

We went back to the bedroom to install the rest of the hardware on our master bath cabinets. Olive is never quite sure what to think when we go back there. Is it bedtime? Should I curl up in a ball in my bed?

If she only knew I made memes out of her pictures.

If you want to get some of these pulls for your very own, they were only $3.84 per piece at myknobs.com. If these aren’t quite your style they have an enormous selection, so I guarantee you’ll find something. Oh! And they were also shipped for free which was awesome since they were somewhat heavy.

One more gratuitous shot of these sexy beasts before I go:

I was going to say a very inappropriate line from 30 Rock, but if you don’t watch the show you’ll just think I’m a perv.

Look for shelf updates either tomorrow or Friday. We mixed and matched stains and have actually managed to match the cabinets! This kitchen is going to look mighty fine by the time we’re done.

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