Making Life Easier

Hello my beloved readers. All four of you.

Those of you who land on our blog from Pinterest: I realize you have zero idea who I am and probably don’t need to hear all of the details of my life. You don’t care that Olive is my dog who can balance things on her head, or that I lovingly refer to my husband Steve as The Lumberjack.

What you do probably care about, however, is seeing all of the projects we’ve done, so you can look at them and go “Hey, that’s a cool idea. But I bet I can hang a gallery wall without using long division.” And I don’t blame you.

Introducing! Our new little tabby thing that makes it easier to find project tutorials!
That rolls right off the tongue.


If you look up at the top navigation of the blog you’ll see a new page called DIY Projects: Art, Build, and Decorate.

All of our projects will reside here in a tidy and organized fashion. No longer do you have to think to yourself TLDR when browsing through the blog. All of the good stuff is right at your fingertips.

You’re welcome.

Every time we complete a new project I’ll throw it into the library for easy searching. I hope this new development makes your Tuesday worth showering for.

Let me know if something isn’t working right or if you absolutely hate it and would like to see it changed. Otherwise, Happy Projecting! (Not projecting, like a projector, but projecting — as in the Act of Projects.)


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