Wonky Wood

As the title suggests, and as I mentioned before, we had some issues with the wood in our kitchen shelves being warped. I thought I’d show you a few pictures of how we tried to straighten things out, and see if anyone had any suggestions on how to do things differently.

Everything we do is very technical and scientific, by the way.

Case in point: trying to flatten out the wood by letting it sit underneath the removed cabinets overnight. We thought it would work because that cabinet was HEAVY. Like, newborn-baby elephant heavy. Ok, maybe more like adult-man heavy, but still.

That proved useless. The weight of the cabinet didn’t do squat; the boards were just as warped in the morning as they were when we started.

The next thing we tried was wetting them down with some water. Not enough for them to be soaking wet, but just enough for them to give a little. Then we laid them across our tub and tried weighing them down in the middle.

Another 24 hours passed and they were ever-so-slightly less wonky. EVER. SO. SLIGHTLY. Enough that Steve decided he was probably not going to be able to completely flatten them and should just move on to gluing and clamping and hope the glue sticks.

Do you guys like our array of weights? Aren’t we pretty official-looking with our paint cans and text books? I seriously have used those books more as weights, than for reading. I’m sure you’re shocked.

All the clamping and gluing seemed to do the trick, and although they were still slightly askew, it wasn’t nearly as noticeable as when this whole shenanigan began. Has anyone ever used that word singularly? Well, I just did.

Steve made spacers to sit between the hollow shelves to continue to force them into submission:

Now you can start to understand why building and hanging these shelves took an entire week. The building took about 5 days, and the hanging took about 30 minutes.

And if you’re wondering why my husband is always wearing those sexy white pants in all of these pictures: our projects take place promptly upon his return from work, where he has to wear “whites” aka “a uniform.” Maybe one day I’ll show you what he looks like in full uniform: hat, white jacket and pants, complete with pocket protector and two-way radio hanging from his collar.

The pocket protector is secretly why I married him. I couldn’t resist its powers.

So that’s the scoop. All of the behind-the-scenes, we’re-figuring-this-out-along-the-way re-cap. I need to save some hyphens for my next post, so I better be going now.

If anyone has a better way to straighten out wood boards I’d love to hear it. And don’t just tell me to buy straight boards. (Dad!)


4 thoughts on “Wonky Wood

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  2. The shelves look great! I don’t think I would have had your patience with the warped wood. When I did woodworking in the shop, we used planers for the surface and the sides (making sure that they were perpendicular and flat).

    Just found your blog through dwellinggawker and am obsessively reading the archive. Looove it so far.

  3. Are there any photos of and advises on how you connected the shelves to the wall?
    They look perfect, way better than the ikea ones, though they’re much easier and hang in just 10 minutes.

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