Thursday Randomness

Since our shelves are still baking — I know, another bad metaphor — I thought I’d show you a few random snapshots from around the house. Some of our finds aren’t post-worthy by themselves, but all together they might do the trick. You be the judge:

I made my first purchase from Joss & Main (It’s sort of like Groupon — for designer home goods) the week before Christmas, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with everything from customer service (my tracking number was wonky and I had to call in — a REAL PERSON answered the phone) to quick delivery, to quality of the product. I saw these Ikat pillows and knew they had to be mine:

(The geometric patterned pillow are the ones we ordered with the couch. Pretty snazzy, eh?)

In other pillow-related news: I found this bycicle printed pillow at Homegoods for $14 and couldn’t pass it up. Steve loves his bikes and I thought he deserved a little shout-out from the pillow menagerie:

Isn’t it charming? I love the various styles and ages of bikes, and also how it seems a little like a scientific diagram.

And by definition of “random” you guys HAVE to see these plates I came across when cleaning out the secret cabinet (it’s not really secret, it’s just that I’ve never really noticed it because it’s on the backside of the counter where the barstools are):

How scary is that little girl? Even her doll freaks me out. I put these in the Goodwill pile immediately. But not before I held the plate over my face and creepily and slowly stood from behind the counter to scare the bejesus out of Steve. I thought it was going to scare him but he just laughed. It was still worth it.

And lastly, we made a new discovery about Olive: she legitimately watches Pixar movies. We think it has something to do with the 3D style of computer animation because she doesn’t have any interest in plain-old animated cartoons. We watched Tangled the other night — yes, we’re adults who watch Pixar/Disney movies — and I snapped this picture of Olive intensely watching:

She thought the movie was good but had a few choice words about the acting. Specifically, she thought that Flynn was annoying and an over-actor. I happened to really like his character. She can be such a snob sometimes.

Anywhoo. That’s it for randomness. I hope you liked my less-than-exciting updates. All small changes and additions add up to the overall feel of the house, so even the little happenings around here are documented.

Our floating shelves are now built — and now we (Steve) just have to sand, stain, and hang! I will have updates the second they’re on the wall.


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