Please tell me you read that in the voice from Seinfeld? Just me? Ok. Moving on.

Yesterday I alluded to buying some adorable trinkets from Anthropologie, so I thought I’d squander your anxiety and show them to you already.

Aren’t they just the cutest little things you ever did see? At $14 a pop they weren’t cheap — nothing at Anthropologie is — but since we do so many house-related projects on the cheap I figured a little splurge every once in a while is okay.

I really wanted to spell “WELCOME,” but that would’ve cost an arm and a leg AND it would’ve taken up a ridiculous portion of the wall. So I settled on “HELLO.” It still gets that welcoming message across and fits the wall perfectly.

In addition to my visit at Anthropologie I made a quick pit stop at TJ Maxx Homegoods on my way home. (I. AM. OBSESSED. with that store.) I picked up this lovely little mat to greet guests.

The dog is sold separately.

Now how about a before and after? Even though these are pretty miniscule changes it’s always fun to see a before and after.

Pretty simple and bare-bones if you ask me. Not the most welcoming entryway.

Although things are still pretty simple, it’s slightly more inviting with the newly acquired goods:

I have big plans to paint the walls in this little entryway the yellowish color from the laundry room. It will draw just the right amount of attention to the welcoming coat hooks, and it will also make the rug feel more at home with those subtle traces of yellow.

I really love this view from the entry into the family room. It’s almost like the house is talking to you: “Hello! Why don’t you come in from the cold and take off your jacket? Stay a while. Take a look at some of these pictures while someone gets you a nice, warm cup of tea. No? You’d prefer a martini? Well, we have that too!”

Doesn’t it make you all warm and fuzzy? Or maybe that’s just me. That’s okay; I know my habit of personifying my belongings is a bit less than normal.

I know I tell you this every Wednesday, but it just never gets old (for me): Happy Hump Day!


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