Gallery Wall — Chapter Done

This weekend was so exciting that I must’ve worked myself into a tizzy. I spent all of Sunday and Monday cooped up on the couch trying to get over a wicked virus.

Saturday, on the other hand, was a whirlwind of projects. Remember that kitchen project that I was positive would only take one day? Yeah, I lied. We’re still working on it and have a completion goal of end-of-the-week, so I’ll keep you posted on that one. I will tell you that it involves the removal of a large cabinet, and the assembly and installation of floating shelves. Pretty exciting kitchen-events happening over here!

Here’s a sneak preview:

Steve spent most of his Saturday in the garage measuring, and measuring, and measuring, and cutting wood planks, so I made myself useful and decided to tackle hanging the gallery wall all by myself. It was really just my excuse to use the power drill. Man, do I love that thing.

The first step was to lay out all of the frames on the floor. It took about an hour of shuffling frames around, but I finally got the arrangement where I wanted it. Olive walked over and sat right in one of the empty spaces which I think was her way of telling me she didn’t think the grouping felt balanced. I gave it another shot since she has a keen eye for these things.

I started with the largest, and most centered picture. Once that one was hung it sort of acted as my anchor. One by one I hung the surrounding frames. As I got toward the edges I sort of free-handed it so the frames filled the space naturally.

To quote myself from a conversation with a friend, “I, like, measured and stuff. It was intense. At one point there was even LONG DIVISION”.

I had no idea that this project would make such an overall impact in this room. The family room feels so much more complete now, and just so darn cozy. I think it works so well because the hugeness of the gallery wall mimics the massive fireplace, so the room  seems more balanced. I can’t stop looking at the wall; I seem to discover a new picture every time I glance up.

While The Lumberjack is busy working on our new shelves, I’ll have some new entryway pictures for you tomorrow; I may or may not have splurged on some gorgeous coat hooks. Some people eat chicken soup to feel better. I happen to buy gorgeous trinkets from Anthropologie.


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