Connie’s Collection

My mom is not a hoarder. Let me start with that.

She is, however, a collector of… well… things. I hate the word “things” because it’s so general, but when describing the goodies in my mom’s basement you can really only use that word. She has everything from serving pieces, to a full crawlspace full of Christmas decor, to antique birdcages, to an old pair of ice skates, to candlesticks, to picture frames. It’s a veritable flea market down there.

I am proudly identical to my mom in every way except for this “storage” trait. I get my OCD love of organization from my dad (THANKS DAD!), so you can safely assume that he is less than thrilled about Connie’s Collection down in the basement. Every time I’m home he tries to persuade me into taking a carload of decor back with me. Because I am so much like my Dad I tend to deny his plea, but last time I gave in. My parents were both happy to part with my newfound treasures.

Here is what I scored:

I’ve already showed you what I made from the 24 beveled mirrors I found. It just never gets old. This mirror has such an impact in the bathroom / laundry room, and it was so FREE.

This Picasso print was sitting in a corner collecting dust. I think the last time it saw the light of day was when it hung in my bedroom when I was in high-school. Now it lives proudly over the toilet. That sounded sarcastic, but I really meant it.

She had these candlesticks in a “return” pile but I snatched them up before she could make it back to the store. She was fine with it since she only paid a few bucks for them. My plan was to try a DIY method of mercury glass, but I’m kind of loving how they look untouched.

These were technically mine to begin with, but when I moved to Chicago I had to downsize; some of my decor went to live in her basement. They aren’t totally my style anymore, but I thought I might find a way to use them again.

This little guy was a sugar pot? Maybe? I’m not sure what he was before I got my hands on him. Now he lives on the sink in the LaundryBathRoom and will get a new life as a bud vase.

My mom bought this drawer divider for her kitchen, but when she brought it home realized it was much too large. I thought it just might fit our top drawer of the master bathroom vanity and replace our tuperware dividers. It fits like a glove.

I’m a vodka girl. And I’m recently a martini girl. And before now, I didn’t own martini glasses! Can you believe that? THE MADNESS. I saw these and my mom forced me to take them all, explaining that they never used them anymore. I was happy to oblige.

This was another total score from her servingware cabinet. My parents have some close friends who recently moved from the USA back to their home in the Philippines. The homeowner was going to get rid of this china, so my mom scooped it up. We’re not really Fine China kind of people so she was happy to pass them on to me. I love the gold accents and simple shape, so I happily took them home to enjoy as our everyday plates.

If anyone knows anything about Fine China, let me know. Here’s the stamp that’s on the bottom of each plate:

Everyone needs an apothecary jar. Next, I think I’m going to fill it up with almonds. (Please ignore the needs-to-be-recaulked caulk.)

And last but certainly not least: these lovely little dishes. They are dainty, and lacy, and oh-so feminine. I’m not sure how I’m going to use them but I just couldn’t resist taking them home with me. Aren’t they the cutest?

I made out like a bandit! I felt like I had just won the lottery as I was unloading all of my treasures, and it’s a win-win since my parents are trying to downsize. My rule when bringing new, fun “stuff” into the house is that I have to make a trip to goodwill to unload some of our not-in-use items. Otherwise we’ll just start collecting, and collecting, and as this sentence progresses I’m filling with anxiety.

So, that’s that. All my treasures. Who needs to go thrifting when you can just go and visit your parents?


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