Only the Best for Our Guests

Well. Maybe not the absolute best. Not like diamond encrusted lampshades or bedding that’s been woven with the magical hairs of unicorns. The Best being as good as I could come up with, without spending a kajillion dollars.

I’d like to thank Target for selling basic comforters for $29.99 and bedskirts for $15.99. I’d also like to thank myself for making a headboard that I’ve bequeathed to the guest room. (And I guess I should thank The Lumberjack, too, since he did help with the headboard project.)

YES we are still using TV-dinner trays for nightstands, and YES we still don’t have any artwork on the walls, and YES there is still grotesque wallpaper in the adjoining bathroom. Everyone please pick up your rosey-colored glasses and place them securely on your face. Starting….. NOW.

This was our guest room a few days after the move. We had an overnight guest soon after we moved and this room needed to be sleepable.

Here it is now, with all of our newly acquired purchases and switched out headboard:

Even though the lighting is a bit strange — I apparently have two different temperature bulbs in the lamps so one gives off a white glow and one gives off a greenish glow — it’s starting to feel more like a room that we’re excited to have people stay in. I still need to find a rug that’s within our budget and get something creative up on the walls.

The picture below is just to highlight how this little corner in our house works. I would hope that it’s comfortable for our guests because they can close both hallway doors, and have private access to the bathroom for when nature calls in the middle of the night.

In other words: YOU CAN SLEEP NAKED AND STILL GO PEE! Book your room today!

Lots of work to do in that bathroom still. I’m just thankful that it’s fully functioning and the bathtub surround looked fairly new when we moved in.

We might shift gears and work around the kitchen this weekend. Steve has ::GASP:: a whopping ONE DAY OFF this weekend and he wants to spend it working on the house. Am I lucky or what? The project we have in mind should only take a day so I’ll keep you posted. (And I mean one actual day, as opposed to the laundry room makeover that I thought would take two days and took nearly ten. Oops.)

Happy Hump Day, Homies.



3 thoughts on “Only the Best for Our Guests

  1. Hi! Saw your firepit project on Pinterest, and have been scanning (okay, reading) your blog for other ideas. Hopefully, that’s not creepy. So question, do you know what flooring you have in these pictures? Hardwood, Pergo, vinyl (doubtful, but not sure). We are redoing ours, and this looks so nice, but we worry about dog scratches, etc., but yours looks lovely. (Not that I would insinuate Olive would ever, ever do such a thing.). Thanks!

    • Hi Amy! Our entire house is carpeted except for our ceramic tiles in the kitchen/laundry room/foyer, and for some reason our two guest rooms.

      They actually aren’t wood floors, but rather LAMINATE. I know. Isn’t that crazy? They look like genuine wood flooring in pictures, but in person you can tell that they are only laminate because of the sheen and texture.

      Some day I’d like to replace them but they do the job for now! Hope that helps.

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