LaundryBathRoom Mania

10 days after we started — that whole full-time job thing really gets in the way — we are finally done with the laundry room / bathroom makeover! This is the biggest home project we’ve tackled so far and I can’t even describe how happy I am. I’ll spare you the suspense and before going into the nitty gritty details I’ll just show you the dang pictures already.

This room went from being a really awkward laundry room with a toilet in the corner:

To a lovely, little powder room that just happens to house a washer and dryer:

Here’s a before & after of the sink-side:

Here’s that same area being reflected in the large mirror on the opposite wall:

Because you know how obsessed with organization I am you can go right ahead and assume the following set of pictures are my favorite. Here is what our storage situation looked like before:


The bins alone really make the room for me.

This whole process took a lot longer than I thought it would, but I am beyond thrilled with the results. I find myself wondering inside and taking a moment to just stop and look at everything. I do a few slow and steady 360 degree turns to soak it all in. The pictures don’t really do it justice, either. The space is so small and it’s really tough to take true-to-life pictures with those damn walls getting in the way. Also, I am in dire need of an SLR digital camera — for now, my little mini SLR will have to do — so excuse the graininess.

Ok, now for the nitty gritty run down of our transformation. The magic of the internet is going to make this process seem a whole lot easier than it was, but that’s okay.

First, we stripped the room of everything: removed the sink, cleared the shelves, and pulled the washer and dryer away from the wall.

Sorry ladies. He’s taken:

Because we wanted to hang a mirror above the sink to try and make the utility-ness feel more bathroomish, the first order of destructive business was shortening the bottom shelf in order to fit said mirror.

While removing the far panel we (Steve) had a bit of an Oopsie-daisy moment. That sucker was really on there and while he was prying it off he put a teeny, tiny, little hole in the wall. Ok, maybe it wasn’t quite as small as I’m letting on but now you can’t even tell it was there so the size of it isn’t really important.

After gluing the broken piece back to the wall, sanding it down, and filling it with layers and layers of spackling, we needed to let it dry.

Steve worked on moving the top-shelf support over to align with the bottom-shelf support, and I worked on giving the shelf a good sanding to get it primed for painting. (Steve will often let me do the fun jobs and he will never truly understand how happy that makes me.)

Now here’s where the power of blogging makes everything seem like it’s happening much faster than it really is. What I’m saving you from are the hours spent fixing the cracking dry-wall tape, filling holes with spackling, and lots and lots of sanding. I mean lots. Everything was coated in a fine, white powder. It looked like Studio 54 sans the scantily clad women.

Steve installed freshly cut, new shelves behind the toilet:

And the washer/dryer shelves were sanded, hung, and ready for paint:

Let the painting begin!

Sometimes I still can’t believe the transformation. We were lucky enough to find some treasures at my parents house to help furnish this room for zero dollars. That gorgeous statement-mirror on the wall came from their foyer. My mom was “sick of it.” Um. OK? Really? I can just… take it? I plucked that baby off the wall as soon as she gave me the green light. I also found those tiny mirrors that make up that big mirror in her basement. More on that later.

All of the existing hardware was spray painted oil-rubbed bronze, as well as a cheapie toilet paper holder and towel holder. I think the total money we spent on hardware was around 10 buckeroos — which is pretty good considering a new, oil-rubbed bronze TP holder from the hardware store runs you about 25 bucks!

Really, we only spent money on the paint that went on the walls, the bins, (which I found for super cheap on target’s website) the new flush-mount light fixture, and a the mirror above the sink. I ran over the mirror we were going to use with my car. I’m not even kidding a little bit. It was out in the garage getting a fresh coat of spray paint and I accidentally drove right over that sucker. It was one of those happy accidents. I was bummed I ruined a perfectly good mirror but I’m tickled with the mirror we ended up with.

This room is off the kitchen / garage hallway so it gets some pretty heavy foot traffic; needless to say, I am no longer embarrassed to have guests use this bathroom! I’m sure Steve wonders why I’m spending so much more time peeing, but really it’s just to spend time in my new beautiful room. It just makes me so happy! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a kajillion times: MIRRORS, BABY! It’s all about the mirrors.

I have a few specific projects from this room makeover to talk about in more detail, so look for posts on the mirror above the toilet, and the new sink skirt.

I hope you enjoy the before & afters as much as we do. One room down, 6 more to go!

Update: I’ve posted about the DIY mirror here, and the sink skirt here. Enjoy!



7 thoughts on “LaundryBathRoom Mania

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  6. hey great job! you know what? you could make a wood “box” with doors over the machines, that way the room would look even cleaner and you’d have an extra surface!

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