Miracle of Miracles

This is right up there with turning water to wine. The third bedroom FINALLY got cleaned out and organized. It only took us about, oh, say, two months to get to it. I’m usually a pretty darn fast unpacker but this third bedroom has become the catch-all room because we don’t really need the space for any other reason. (The loft serves as our office, so even though technically there are only three bedrooms it really feels like four.)

Here’s a refresher. And yes, there is even more junk in there than when I took the original set of all-moved-in pictures.

Conversations have been like this lately:

“Where does this go?” “No idea. Put it in the third bedroom.”

“Where is the (insert random object name)?” “Third bedroom.”

“I just found Sasquatch; he was hiding in that tall box in the third bedroom.”

“Did you see that leprechaun?” “Oh yeah. Phil? He’s been living in our third bedroom since we moved in.”

Clearly we needed to either start charging rent, or we needed to get things cleaned up. Five of our favorite people in the world are coming to visit in a few weeks and this room desperately needs to be able to accommodate an air mattress.

Over the weekend the room went from looking like this:

To this:

I know the teddy-bear border and weird pink boxes on the wall are even more noticeable now, but HEY AT LEAST YOU CAN SEE THE FLOOR. And yikes. That fan. It’s getting switched out to one of our simple white ones from the apartment.

Organizing the closet was honestly pretty fun; I came across a bunch of things I thought were lost in the move. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to trip over tools and other miscellaneous items when I’m in search of crafting supplies, too. It’s all organized in our Craft Closet now. Yippee.

The shelves are broken down pieces from our apartment’s laundry room shelves that Steve built. They’re not perfect for the closet, but it works for now. It was cheaper than going out and buying more wood, and also quicker than rebuilding them. I’m sure someday we’ll get some custom shelves built, but for now I’m more than okay with this level of organization.

There are obviously a lot of things that need to happen in this room still. Paint, decor, and I have big plans for those $10 Goodwill chairs you see on that wall. Picture them white with a cute, newly-reupholstered seat. We’re not really sure what this room is going to be yet. Perhaps a craft room if I ever get a sewing machine? But for now it’s going to work perfectly as a second spare room for visiting friends.

I know that wasn’t the most exciting update in the world, but trust me when I tell you it was worth it for the feeling of happiness I get whenever I pass by and don’t see clutter seeping into the hallway. This house is slowly starting to feel like more of an organized home than just a place we bought two months ago.

Slow and steady. That’s how we do it, people.


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