Biggest Makeover to Date

HA HA I tricked you. Unlike every other post on our little bloggy-blog this has nothing to do with any rooms in our home. I did feel it was a big enough makeover to share because who doesn’t love a good before and after? And since we’re still up to our elbows in paint working on the laundry room / bathroom makeover, I thought I’d fill up the time with some Husband Haircut Hilarity.

To give you a good starting point, this was Steve during our New Year’s Eve dinner. We opted to stay in this year since we were both exhausted, and the night couldn’t have been more relaxing.

I think every New Year’s Eve should involve bags of cheese.

In the picture below, Steve combed out his hair and his beard to highlight the length. My caveman.

Halfway through he wanted to see what he looked like as Abe Lincoln. This picture makes me feel slightly uneasy; let’s just say I’m glad it was temporary. He looks like an Amish teenager during Rumspringa.

He finally took the clippers to his whole face and head and the clippings looked like Olive’s long-lost cousin.

After cutting and shaving for an HOUR my husband finally emerged.

Although I do love his smooth face, I love his beard just as much — I’m one of those weird wives who encourages him to go scruffy. But after 3 months of letting his hair go wild, it was nice to see his smooth face again.

His hair grows almost as fast as Tim Allen’s in The Santa Clause: “I shave in the morning and in the afternoon it looks like this!” He hates shaving as much as he hates facial hair so I’m sure he’ll be back to The Caveman soon enough.


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