Holy Bananas

This weekend was bananas. Not holy ones, just regular crazy ones. And “holy” as in “Holy Cow.” Is that a phrase that came from India? This is what my brain does as soon as my head hits the pillow at night; it goes all haywire like that.


This weekend was incredible. I got to spend 2.5 days with my husband. At our house. With no one else. Those kinds of days are few and far between because he’s been working so much, so I squeeze every little ounce of enjoyment out of them as I can.

We spent the entire weekend working on our first makeover project. I’ll give you one little sneak peak into the madness:

I can’t wait to get ‘er done so I can show you the end result. Heck, I can’t wait to show myself the end result. I also can’t wait to get all of this chaos back in order; if you haven’t already noticed construction and messiness don’t exactly fall in my comfort zone. Oh, and Olive was my shadow the entire weekend. She made sure to wedge herself inside the closet-sized laundry room / bathroom with us, unless there was hammering and then she could be found in the furthest-away spot in the house.

Since we don’t have the “after” quite ready to accompany the “before” I’ll share my latest, greatest, and most adorable, ifIdosaysomyself, Midland find:

YES It’s an owl. And YES it’s also a wine rack. Does it even get any better than this? I finally had a chance to introduce Steve to Midland this weekend, and as soon as I spotted this baby he knew we had to have it. Steve was surprisingly supportive of my Midland addiction obsession stalker-like infatuation appreciation. I think I’m probably all owl’ed out now, with owly living on the mantel and this bad boy in the kitchen. It’s just the perfect amount of wisdom.

I hope to have pictures of the laundry room / bathroom combo soon. We have a few more coats of paint to get through and some finishing touches, but I’m hoping by the end of the week that everything will be finished and I can share some pictures.

I hope everyone had a stellar New Year’s!


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