OCD Strikes Again

One little corner of our home has been bugging me since we moved in: the pantry. I could feel it repeatedly poking me, saying “Look how messy I am. I bet you can’t find anything. Hahaha you jerk, you tripped over something”. The pastas and rices were on all different shelves, the spices were everywhere, and there was simply no order. Also, I’m not the most graceful cook; when I dash into the pantry for an ingredient and I can hear dinner on the stove about to boil over, I panic, and I knock things over while flailing my arms. Imagine what a rogue gorilla would look like cooking. Insert my face. Bingo.

This is what the messy pantry looked like:

The long-term plan is to paint all of the grease-stained shelves white, but I didn’t quite have that amount of time. Something had to be done about the chaos, so I consider this a quick fix. I picked up a few rolls of shelf liner from Lowe’s and went to town. I got one cut perfectly to size and then I used it as a stencil for the rest. (Steve has been working extremely long hours recently which leaves me home alone a lot. This is me, left to my own devices.)

I didn’t think the liners would sit right but I was luckily, completely wrong. They sit flat and stay in place thanks to rubber backing. They’re also super wipe-able for easy clean up.

Here’s how my new pantry looks. All of the grains are together, the baking supplies, the cereals and granola bars, the canned goods, and the spices. Order. Calmness. Sigh.

One little item I’ve never mentioned before is that ice bucket you see up top. I scored that at midland for only $12 when my parents were visiting over Thanksgiving. It’s hammered aluminum and absolutely adorable. I can’t wait to have a party; you can depend on me for all of your ice needs.

I know this little pantry makeover doesn’t look like much to the average person. But knowing I can walk into this little mini room and pick up exactly what I need without searching for it is like a miracle to me. It made the world of difference.

I still need to get paint on the walls in there, yada, yada, yada… story of my life.

I want to wish everyone a very happy New Year. Have fun with your friends, get a smokin’ hot midnight kiss, and don’t drink and drive. Happy Friday!






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