Twinkle Twinkle Little Light Strand

I have a 10 minute DIY project for you today. I literally did this one while I gabbed on the phone with my best friend, Molly.

I was sitting on the couch looking at the fireplace and wishing that I had some sort of ambient light on the mantel. The candles look gorgeous when they’re all lit, but I don’t want to burn them every night. That’s when I remembered seeing vases filled with light strands somewhere on Pinterest and I knew I had a few extra cylindrical vases taking up room in my cabinets.

After I located the perfect vase I went on a house hunt for something to wrap it with so the light strand wasn’t visible through the glass. I probably could’ve just filled it with lights and called it a day, but all of my light strands have green cords and that just would’ve looked strange. Lace curtain? Too nice to cut. Ribbon? Not see-through enough. Leftover yellow chevron fabric? Doesn’t really fit in with the neutral mantel. That’s when I saw a bundle of twine and knew it would be the perfect material.

I started with a dab of hot glue — my glue gun is a very close second to my staple gun on my list of tools I want to marry — and just started wrapping.

Believe it or not you don’t need to glue it all as you wrap. As long as you’re wrapping it tightly enough all you need is a dab of glue to start it, and one more to finish it. (Let that first one dry completely before you start wrapping. It’ll take all of 30 seconds. OH, HOT GLUE, HOW I LOVE YOU.)

All done. See how easy that was?

I love how it gives off the same glow as a candle. I’m thinking about making a few more in different heights to even out the look. Having an outlet on the mantel is ingenious; thank you previous homeowners — you did something right.

That’s it! That’s all she wrote. She, being me. In case you didn’t pick that up. Only one more day of the work week and then it’s a nice long weekend. You can do it!


22 thoughts on “Twinkle Twinkle Little Light Strand

      • Enid – it’s really simple. All I did was slip a small strand of white Christmas lights into the vase. I let the cord simply come out the back and I tucked it behind the vase so I could plug it in.

      • Just a thought….if you aren’t able to use a strand of Christmas lights, the battery powered tea light candles work great as well. Give it the flickering glow.

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  3. What an inspired idea! Seems to me that if you wanted to make sure that the cord is as hidden as possible, you could put the lights inside the glass, get the cord situated perfectly as it folds over the lip (maybe a dab of hot glue to make sure it lies perfectly flat), then wrap over it with your twine so that it emerges at the bottom.

    And thinking a little more, I wonder how a wrap with a nice neutral raffia would look? Now you’ve got me going!

      • It’s there — just hidden behind the mirror. The cord plugs into the outlet we have on our mantel. You could also take the cord back down the back of the vase and wrap another few strands of twine to hold it in place. Hope that helps!

    • Ope! I guess I was rather unclear. I just pushed the lights in the vase and the cord came out over the top. I tucked it behind the mirror that’s over the mantel and then plugged it into the mantel outlet. Hope that helps.

    • Oops! Sorry Sherrie. You’re right: I simply just pushed the lights in the vase and let the cord come over the top. I tucked it behind the mirror on the mantel so you can’t see it, and then plugged them into the mantel outlet.

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  5. I can see doing this with a colored cord or even yarn if you want color. Ombre yarn would look amazing. I can’t wait to try it!

  6. one thing I haven’t done is address my 50’s style, huge unframed mirror in my livingroom.
    I, too have an outlet there so this would work for me. I’d like to send a pic of my mirror to you…how do I include it in my post? I’ve noodled with the idea of framing it, because it’s HUGE and my walls are plaster so I fear creating a new window to the neighbor if I take it down. Come to think of it, I could use more light in my LR. hmmmmm…..

  7. You could also use battery operated strands of lights. They show up at Walmart and Walgreens starting around Halloween time, plus they tend to be shorter so they may work better in a small vase

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