A Surprise Exchange

Let me start by saying to all of my Jewish friends: a Happy 3rd Night of Hanukkah to you! I did light candles the first night*, but missed the boat on the whole 1st night well wishes.

I guess I should start this story by telling you that Steve and I decided not to exchange presents this year because we’ve been putting so much money into the house. But because my husband is sweet as can be and knows it only takes a few bucks to thrill me, I came home from work yesterday to find one of my favorite photographs printed and sitting on the kitchen counter.

It’s a photo of Salvador Dali (my favorite artist) and a Rhinoceros that was taken by Phillippe Halsman. I love the mimicking angles on Dali’s hat and I adore the intense gaze into each other’s eyes. It looks as if they’re having an intense philosophical debate via telepathic brainwaves. I’ve tried find out more about what’s going on but couldn’t turn up much info; I’m not sure if this is a live rhino or a stuffed one. I would like to imagine he is alive and well and under Dali’s spell.

Because I am predictable I also got Steve a little something. He is ultra practical so I knew getting him a bottle capper for his beer bottle collection would thrill him. No, he’s not in college and yes, I knew about this collection before I married him. Having a collection of anything goes against all of my natural instincts, but if he can put up with my OCD than I can put up with a few hundred beer bottles. Yes. A few hundred. I’m getting anxiety just talking about it.

His criteria for keeping new beer bottles is it has to be one he’s never had before and he has to drink at least half of the bottle. It does add a fun twist to traveling; we’re always on the lookout for a new beer. He wants to build shelves to display them all, hence the need for the bottle capper.

I’ll be going into hibernation for the next few days; we’ll be on the road to see Steve’s family for Christmas. But I’ll be back next week with a few of those tutorials I mentioned in the wedding write-up as well as ::fingers crossed:: pictures of our new kitchen window treatment.

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, and a festive Festivus For The Rest Of Us. I hope you get to eat lots of delicious food and get to be with the people you love. Happy Holidays from The Harpsters! xoxo

* If you’re confused as to if I celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, the answer is I grew up celebrating both. Not the religious part — just the part where you decorate Christmas trees, light Hanukiahs, eat latkes, listen to Johnny Mathis Christmas carols, eat a big Christmas morning brunch, play the dradle game with chocolate money, and spend as much time as you possibly can with the people you love. All the good stuff.


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