Fun with Postcards

Hello. Hi there! Guess what? I got to use my STAPLE GUN last night! Nothing is more delightful to me. Like Olive, I tend to be frightened by loud noises, but don’t think that stops me from enjoying every minute of staple gunning. And yes, I just turned that into a verb.

It all started because of a little online Christmas Shopping a few days ago. Since I was already ordering presents and I was already getting free shipping, I decided to throw in a little Christmukah present for myself. This Charley Harper book of postcards was exactly what I needed for an empty frame I already had. It was begging to be turned into a wall display. (Here’s my professed love for Charley Harper, if you missed it.)

I started with a texturally-beautiful vintage frame — that, like I said, I already owned — from an Antique Mall by our old apartment. Here is my lovely assistant modeling the frame:

Don’t let that sad face fool you. She’s having the time of her life. (She was actually just relieved that Steve finally removed my bra that he had clasped on her for about 30 minutes prior to this picture. These things happen in our house.)

I flipped through my new book, decided which pictures worked the best together, and then laid them all out to see how it was going to look.

I’m not going to lie; even though it’s a postcard book, meant to be ripped apart, it still felt sacrilegious to extract the pages.

After deciding on a layout I measured and marked where I needed to attach the string. I have to hand it to Steve: measuring really does work. I usually just eyeball everything which can lead to wonky work. He may be onto something with this whole Ruler & Pencil thing.

The next step brings me back to the beginning of this post. Wherein I told you I GOT TO USE MY STAPLE GUN. I’m not sure if I can even type that with lower case letters because that’s honestly how excited I get about it. Why, you ask? I have no idea. Just roll with it.

I lined up the string over my pencil marks, put in a staple, tied a knot around that staple, and then put in another staple (or 10). That technique seemed to work well to prevent the string from slipping out, or moving left to right.

I ran the string vertically so I only had to do three rows, instead of 4 horizontal rows.

I advise using two strings for each row, about an inch apart, to prevent the postcards from flipping around on you. After all the string was in place I simply taped each postcard on with one piece of scotch tape. This was the one step that I did eyeball, and it turned out just fine.

Sorry about the weird colors. The room was dim and our good camera is in about 14,000 pieces waiting for repair, so I’ve been using our small underwater camera and then attempting to lighten the pictures in Photoshop. I think you still get the gist of what it looks like.

I’m pretty thrilled with how it turned out, especially because fine art prints aren’t cheap. I think this was a great solve to get some wallet-friendly art on the walls. (Because I already owned everything but the postcards, this project cost me a whopping $8.76.)

I am in love with the dimension of the finished piece and the rich shadows it casts on the wall. Because the string is so lightweight the cards look like they’re floating in the frame. It’s like a magic trick sans the creepy magician. Something I love even more is when projects work out like you have them pictured in your head.

To keep with with the Charley Harper obsession, I’m thinking about recreating one of my favorites prints on a huge canvas I scored at Goodwill yesterday for only $12.99.

Can you tell I’m doing anything I can to avoid painting the walls?


6 thoughts on “Fun with Postcards

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  2. Love this idea!!! ive been collecting post cards for a long time hoping to get ideas to do something with them. so glad i came across this! thanks so much!

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