Mirror, mirror…

On the wall fireplace… who’s the fairest of them all? Why YOU are, of course.

We finally hung our mirror from Reclamation last night! Exciting times at the Harpster Household, people.

Steve had to run to Sears to grab a few anchor-screw-dealies (pretty sure that’s what they’re called), and then we were all set to hang. And by that I mean I watched Jeopardy while he prepared the parts. Someone has to document this whole ordeal.

(Look Molly! We’re using the gorgeous bowl you gave us. It’s the perfect catch-all for the coffee table. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.)

To hang the hooks on the fireplace Steve ended up drilling into the mortar, between the bricks. We had to move the loops on the back of the mirror to accommodate the strategic placement of the fireplace hooks. I don’t have any pictures of that because I was actually helping! (I was holding the chair he was standing on. That’s helping, right?)



All the candles are lit so you can get the full effect. I ended up changing the mantel arrangement after I took all of these pictures (Owly made it into the mix, and everything is a bit more symmetrical now), but didn’t want to re-shoot everything. So, hmph. Use your imagination.

I am in love with this mirror, and can’t wait to see it in the daytime. The best thing about it is the reflection we’ll get from the window in the loft. Our family room gets adequate natural light on a sunny day, but when it’s bleak out, the room feels rather dim. The reflection of the window is really going to fill this room with light.

Mirrors are magic. That’s my #1 room-designing tip. MAGIC I tell you.


3 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror…

    • Thanks! I fell in love immediately. I had to leave it at the store so I could go home and measure, and she was nice enough to hold it for me while I made my decision.

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