Owly and Gang

Steve had to work all weekend after Thanksgiving (insert grumbles), including Friday. My mom and I took advantage of this by spending the day out farting around: shopping and running errands. We could do all of this 100% guilt-free because my dad was perfectly content working on his laptop at my kitchen table. I swear, you give that man McDonalds coffee and/or a glass of vodka and he’s happy for hours. (And you all think I’m so much like my mom.)

We had zero plans to do the Black Friday hoopla; neither of us can do mobs of crazy people and crowded stores. We went the antique-store route, instead. Our first stop of the day: Midland. I have been dying to show my mom this place, and for us to share the thrill of the hunt.

First, let me start by telling you that while we were eating breakfast in my kitchen that morning, I told my mom I was looking for an authentically vintage mercury glass owl. OH, the FORSHADOWING….

I almost keeled over when I saw him. When Steve got home that night and I showed him all of our treasures, I asked what we should name our new owl. He looked up at me sleepily (he had worked 12 hours that day) and while squinting one eye he calmly responded, “Owly.” It’s not the most creative name, but it stuck. I have to at least give him a few points for even playing along with my object-naming. He’s a good sport.

Another little gem I couldn’t pass up was this old Patrón bottle.

It’s a container, and it’s clear. What can I say? I’m a sucker for these things. Another feature that sold me was the popping sound the cork made when plucked out.

The pièce de résistance, and one I absolutely could not walk away from, was this floor lamp for our family room. I knew it’s massive size would fill the space perfectly. Its lines are exquisite and architectural, while still managing to feel elegant. (Just like Charlotte the Chandelier.)

This guy definitely weighs as much as it looks like it does. He’s solid metal, and a solid purchase i f I d o s a y s o m y s e l f. Because of the price tag my mom and I split the cost and called it part of my Christmakkah present. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ME.

I was so thrilled with the new items I’d already curated that I could’ve called it a day, but we still wanted to check out a new store in Indy called Reclamation. It’s owned by a lovely woman who used to work at Midland so it definitely has the same feel inside. I found the most perfect mirror to hang above the mantel, but we have yet to hang it so I’ll share pictures when we get ‘er up.

After one last home-goods shopping stop at Z Gallerie and a run to Trader Joe’s for dinner ingredients, we headed home to admire our purchases.

There’s nothing like a day out with Mom. I hope you all found some stellar Black Friday deals!


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