Thanksgiving Part II

This post should more accurately be called “Never-Before-Seen Thanksgiving” because, well, it’s never been seen before.

Those of you who know me well know that I’m a little OCD (some of you would probably strike out “a little”). I was so excited to host Thanksgiving and to see how the table-scape would come together that I decided to set the table a day early. I just wanted to make sure that everything came together like I had it pictured in my head.

Since I knew we were eating around 3pm the next day, once I had the table set I knew it was my only chance to see the glow of the candles at night. I decided to set the candles ablaze and snap some pictures, and boy did it look wonderfully romantic. I might just have to bust out these candles for our next anniversary dinner.

The soft curves of the chandelier play so nicely with the warm glow of the candles.

Here’s a close up of the three different types of candles I used. The clear trumpet-shape tealight holders were great for simplicity, and the stunning mercury glass tealight holders fancied everything up a tad. The tall votive holders are three different sizes so they do a great job varying the height of the light. (I love when I accidentally rhyme.)  They also have this nifty clear base you can fill with anything your little heart desires. I like them empty for negative space, but for Thanksgiving’s sake I filled them with brightly colored leaves.

All of these candles are now sitting pretty on the mantel. They look quite splendid at nighttime paired with a roaring fire. My mom calls it my “Candle Menagerie” which makes me smile.

What did we learn here today? When in doubt just dim the lights and set two dozen candles afire. Instant ambiance.


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