Remember this?

I wasn’t lying. The faucet and last remaining curtain have been long overdue for the ole heave-ho. Replacing these two definitely shaved a few years off the look of the kitchen:

Let me back up for a second. Replacing the faucet is something we’ve been wanting to do since closing day. Here’s a little diagram to explain why:

So, with this project in mind and our housewarming gift card in hand, (thanks to Steve’s parents!) we practically ran to Lowes to check out their faucet selection. Our “must have” was finding a faucet that was 4-hole compatible and one that had a single handle to eliminate adjusting two different knobs for hot and cold.

We also had a 10% off card so we stocked up on a bunch of needed items, including new blinds for the kitchen window. With a full cart and we-didn’t-pay-full-price grins, we headed home for the install.

I almost feel sorry for the old faucet in that picture. It looks like a faucet carcass. All it needs is a chalk outline. Sorry, buddy. You just didn’t cut it for us.

See the holes in the sink? The picture below was taken through one of those. (I think Steve looks kind of adorable in his goggles. Safety first!)

And then through the magic of blogging ::POOF:: the faucet and window blinds were ready for action! Hellooooooooo gorgeous!

I love so much about this faucet. The goose-neck shape opens up the sink and makes it so much more functional. I also love the included soap dispenser which means I was able to get rid of the pump that sat on the counter. 10 points for de-cluttering!

(You can click on this bad boy to see it bigger.)

Another small change we made that really improved it in here was hacking down that bush in front of the kitchen window. See in the before picture how you can’t even see through the window because of the leaves?

Here you can see how much trimming the branches improved the view and the light.

I walk into my kitchen every day now and breathe a sigh of relief. It feels so much better in this room now. Once we put in new counters and get paint on the wall it’s really going to start to look like home! (I guess that means I actually have to pick out paint colors.) Until then I will be working on some sort of window treatment. I’m thinking of DIYing something similar to this with some yellow chevron fabric I scored on sale at Hancock Fabrics.

I’ll keep you posted. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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