My Furniture-Building Hero

Because I am incredibly proud of my husband and his furniture-making abilities, I thought I’d post his step-by-step picture tutorial of how he built our coffee table. Well, it may not be exactly step-by-step as I am not 100% sure of every step of the process. But you’ll get a pretty good idea from the pictures he took. Working in his parent’s basement and having access to his dad’s wide selection of tools, he was able to build this beauty of a table.

These are pieces he started with:

Check out that table saw. We have GOT to get one of those for our house. After trimming down all of the raw pieces, this is what he was left with:

Now that all the pieces are laid out it’s time to put them all together.

Above image: For this particular piece of furniture he wanted to experiment with only using wood and screws, and no metal brackets. Which means, you could drop this table off of a two story building and I’m fairly certain it would still be a coffee table after it landed.

Time for stain!

And voilá! Instant coffee table. Except, it wasn’t instant in real life. That’s the beauty of a blog post; everything looks quick and easy. Steve did a lot of preliminary work, like drawing it up in a 3D program, which helped with figuring out all of the measurements. In reality, this beauty took a couple of weeks to make.

And it was worth it!

Steve really built this table to suit his needs at his last apartment, and eventually we’ve talked about replacing it with an ottoman. (See that couch corner? We want to try and find an ottoman that will be the same height as the couch so we can push it in that corner like a puzzle piece and snuggle up to watch movies.) So, even if this guy finds a new home in the loft, we’re definitely going to keep it forever. It’s fun to think that our future kids might take it to college and play Quarters on it use it to hold all their heavy text books while they study.

I’ll be back in a few days to share pictures of our new faucet that we (and by “we” I mean Steve) installed last night.

I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble.


3 thoughts on “My Furniture-Building Hero

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  2. This table is gorgeous! I love your sense of humor too! can’t get enough of your blog! Thank you so much! Going to ask my stepdad if he can make us one of these so it could out last our 3 year old.

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