The During

I can’t actually call this post “The After” because, well, nothing is done yet. We’ve been here for two weeks but haven’t yet had a free weekend to start any projects. So, use a little bit of that imagination I know you have and check out our “In Progress” pictures:

We have ripped down all but one of the existing curtains (above the sink) and replaced them all with these deliciously creamy panels. Once the walls are painted these curtains are going to frame the windows beautifully.

I love how this rug adds such a lovely splash of color to the room. Big Lebowski was correct: it really does tie the room together.

I have no idea if that blue chair is going to stay there. Or that leaning mirror for that matter. Just keepin’ it real, people. The only thing that is staying with 100% certainty is that brown mutt sitting right there. (And, I guess, our gorgeous new couches that I’m slightly to moderately obsessed with.)

This is my favorite nook in the whole house:(A shout out to all my Chicago buddies! Hi!)

And here’s an aerial view from the loft:

This is Olive’s favorite look-out:

I love having this storm door. It lets so much light in. I’m interested to see how long I can keep it open with it getting colder and colder. Maybe another month? A girl can dream.

Third bedroom. One word: YIKES

Above is our very not-finished guest bedroom. Notice the TV tray tables as nightstands. I had to whip this room into some sort of livable condition because my parents are coming to stay with us in a few days to celebrate Thanksgiving in our first home (I. AM. SO. EXCITED. OMG) I didn’t take any pictures of the bathroom because it looks basically the same. I tried to hang a picture to distract from the wallpaper. It didn’t work.

And here’s our master bedroom. Steve actually took down those patio door curtains (what the hell?) last night and hung up our beautiful West Elm curtains from our apartment. It made a huge difference. I think this room and the adjoining bathroom are going to be the first to undergo a makeover.

I can’t wait to get started on all of our projects. I’m lucky to be married to a man who wholeheartedly loves working on the house as much as I do. I feel like the hard part is over, and now the fun can begin!

2 thoughts on “The During

  1. It’s so much fun following your progress!!! You’ll make a home just like your parents, Moriya – I have always said that the minute I walk in their home, I feel love.

  2. love the house use should be proud great move .oh by the way love to take the dog off your hands ha ha ha…………………….

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