Welcome to the family, Chandalier

Ever since The Great Chandelier Search I knew one of our immediate projects was going to be hanging up our my pride and joy: Charlotte the Chandelier. Mostly because I’m hard-core in love with her, but also because the original one hurt my eyes and needed to be relieved of its kitchen-lighting duties.

After purchasing our first ladder Steve climbed up and ripped the old guy down. You know something is ugly when you can’t even sell it on Craigslist for $20. Seriously… not even one inquiry on it.

After a lot of measuring (Steve) and eye-balling (me), we hung a hook to center Charlotte, Steve got her wired, and then we had light!

Isn’t she divine?

The dinette looks a lot different than it did on move-in day, but there is still so much that I want to do. Curtains are still in the works; (the gray ones on the sliding door are just there for privacy) new ones are arriving Thursday from The Curtain Stork. We also need to paint and get some of our artwork on the walls. The paint-chip art is just hanging out until we decide where everything is going to go.

Next up on the agenda is taking room-by-room pictures so you can see how the house looks now, with all of our belongings somewhat in place. Until then I will be basking in Charlotte’s light, and deciding which project to tackle next.


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