Moving Day

I don’t know if it was the excitement of moving into our first home or just having splendid weather, but this was the most painless move I’ve ever done. One of our friends helped us load the truck at the apartment, and then Steve and I unloaded at the house on our own. Just having that little bit of help in the morning saved up my muscle power for the afternoon.

Here are a few highlights:

Steve and Nate contemplating what to load next. We picked up a 17′ truck and we were determined to make it all fit.

Everyone go ahead and feel sorry for Olive. The only place she wanted to be was under our feet which forced me to set up this make-shift cage all MacGyver style with my bike and a paint can. It worked like a charm.

I should mention there was a 3 hour time difference in this picture. But we got it done, with smiles to spare.

Now that we’re all moved in and all of our belongings are filling the space, it definitely feels like home. We keep telling each other how much we love the house, and keep finding new things to fawn over. Saturday night was a very happy time for all three of us.

Since Move-In Day we have already hung the chandelier (See what I did there? I said “we.” Apparently you can do that when you’re married.) and ripped out a particularly massive and unnecessary eye sore in the kitchen. Updates coming soon!


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