Treasure hunt.

One of my favorite places in Indianapolis is Midland Antique Market. It’s an open warehouse space that has seemingly endless booths filled with everything from mid-century-modern large-scale furniture, to miniature trinkets and treasures. I could spend hours in there. And I fully intend to when my parents come to visit for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to show Mom my Indianapolis Utopia. (Don’t worry Dad–I won’t drag you here.)

It really feels like a treasure hunt when you’re in there. My suggestion to you: if you find something you like and the price is right, BUY IT! If you walk away, chances are it won’t be there upon your return.

I’m thrilled with my most recent purchases, and can’t wait to introduce them to their new home:

The lamp is definitely my favorite find. The cocoon shape certainly tickles my fancy, and I love the ironic modern vibe; it hails from the 1950’s. Same goes for the plant stand that was destined to come home with us.

I couldn’t find a space large enough to unroll this rug completely, but you get the idea. I’m usually a little bit wary about bringing home second-hand textiles, but I just couldn’t leave this baby behind. It’s 100% wool, and at it’s almost 6′ x 8′ size, it was a steal.

And here is Olive, inspecting our charming, new fan. I’m not even sure what sort of smells a metal fan could emit, but any new object that barges into Olive’s home must pass a thorough Sniff Inspection. I love the contrast of the steal blades against the black iron cage. Not only is it insanely awesome looking, but it runs beautifully. BONUS: It was made in Ohio!

Closing is tomorrow! We are so excited and can’t wait to unlock our front door for the first time.


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