Paint Swatch Art

I am constantly scouring Pinterest for project, home decoration, and design inspiration. There is no shortage of good ideas out there, and it’s a perfect place for creative people to gather their ideas and share them with others.

Now, the goal with Pinterest is that you’re pinning these grand ideas to be implemented at a later date. I’m extremely good at finding crafty, new projects, and I’m also extremely good at finding a later date to implement them.

Even though much of our apartment is currently living inside large moving boxes, including all of my crafting supplies, I decided to finally give one of the projects I pinned center stage on my living room floor.

All it involved was paint swatches from Lowes, an X-ACTO knife, double sided tape, and a frame I already owned. You really can’t beat a project that involves free supplies and a little elbow grease.


6 thoughts on “Paint Swatch Art

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    • Well, in reality you don’t really need that many. I took maybe 15 swatches? Which isn’t any more than I would take if I was contemplating painting a room.

  3. Hi there! Love your crafty ideas <3.Just to clarify, to do this project you just cut up paint swatches and taped those puppies to a board?

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