The Great Chandlier Search

I knew as soon as we moved in, aside from a new couch and loveseat, (which we’ve already purchased–should be delivered mid-November) I wanted to immediately replace the light fixture over the dinette. Check out this lovely 80’s relic:

(Original owner furnishings)

It really doesn’t get much more wonderfully outdated than that piece of art. (Aside from, perhaps, the wallpaper in the last post.)

After many weeks of searching for the perfect chandelier, from high-end retailers to discount stores to antique shops, I couldn’t shake my obsession over this perfect specimen I found at Pottery Barn:

It has this wonderful rustic personality, while still maintaining a secret elegant side. The airiness and overall shape was exactly what I was looking for.

After seeing the price tag and then throwing up in my mouth a little I decided to continue The Great Chandelier Search. I searched high and low but just couldn’t find anything with the same refined-rustic disposition.

Fast forward to yesterday when my mom–who knows of my journey through the land of light fixtures–wrote me a very surprising email: “Dad and I are getting you guys the Pottery Barn chandelier for a house-warming/wedding gift. I think your eyes might be tearing up a bit and I’m sorry that I can’t see that.”

(Cue angelic singing)

It is the most perfect house-warming/wedding gift for us (although I’ll assume Steve would’ve preferred a table saw and/or kegerator), and I can’t wait to see it in it’s new home. Thanks to my parents for freeing up all of the time I was spending searching for the perfect chandelier.


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